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Blackpine Cordless Drills 12V Lithium-Battery 17+1 Torque Setting with 2 Speed 10mm Metal Chuck 12pcs Accessories Supercharge 1500mAh
  • 17 +1 Torque setting: 17 +1 different torque settings with cloth for drilling into metal, plastic, wood, and aluminium alloy and all screwdriving tasks with 24N.m. Max drilling capacity for wood is 1-18''35MM and 25/64’’10MM for metal.
  • Variable Speed gear : Our cordless drill’s trigger has 2 Speeds (0-400 and 0-1350 rpm), allowing countersinking without damaging materials. High-Speed(0-1350rpm) for drilling and low-speed(0-400rpm)only for screwdriving. Trigger with variable speed can help your screw-driving-work. The more deeply the speed switch presses, the faster the rotation speed is.
  • Accessories : 6pcs of drill bits and 6pcs of driver-bits, 1 extended bar. Supercharger for the battery. Forward/Reverse Lever for control switches.
  • Fast Charge and battery of 1500 MAH : Our cordless drill has 1500 mAh Lithium-ion Battery. 1-Hour-Fast Charge with charging-protection and overcharge-protection. When drilling metal, use light oil on the drill-bits to prevent overheating. The oil can extend the life of the drill-bits and improve the efficiency of drilling.
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